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Rover 6 - 6 Meter Quad Antenna
Rover 6 - 6 Meter Quad Antenna
Complete antenna, broken down Spreaders being attached Wire being attached to a spreader Closeup of wire being attached to spreader Antenna is assembled Mounted on mast and ready for QSOs
Sale price: $139.00

The Rover 6 is a light weight easy to assemble and disassemble 2 element Quad for 6M 'Rover' and portable operation. It can be put up or down in very short time and goes together right each time due to the unique mechanical design. No need to juggle hardware as the hub, spreaders and pre-formed loops are designed to assure correct alignment. It has a small foot print and low wind resistance making it possible for one person to raise and lower. Sturdy enough for permanent installations, it can be rotated by even the smallest TV-type rotor or by traditional 'Armstrong' rotatation in the field. Excellent performance in a small package.

The Rover 6 is made of fiberglass spreaders and a Delrin plastic hub. This keeps the mechanical structure strong and light weight. The loops are of flexible multistrand, tinned copper wire (14 guage) to withstand the elements and the mechanical stresses of portable/Rover operations. The fiberglass spreaders store in 2-sections and then slide together in use. The Delrin hub holds mounting hardware as well as the mounting sockets for the spreaders.

When ready to travel, the Rover weighs in at 4 pounds and is approximately 2 feet long and 4 inches in diameter, including the hub and loops, along with the speader sections. Easy storage. A great companion for the current crop of ultra portable all-band multimode rigs.