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Single Band Bandpass Filters
Single Band Bandpass Filters
Sale price: $84.00

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Model 300: Single Band Bandpass Filters

Single Band, self-contained, no power required. Available for all HF amateur bands 160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15 and 10 Meters, and now also available for 6 Meters.  This is the same module used in our Model 600 . No adjustments required just place in-line between transceiver and antenna or amplifier and you are ready to go.

CONSTRUCTION: The filters are 3-pole, top-C coupled. Hi-Q capacitors and inductors are used for tuned circuits. Filters are constructed on glass-epoxy PC boards. Inputs and outputs are at DC ground potentials. Aluminum Enclosure. Dimensions: HWD 2.0 X 6.0 X 1.75 Inches (including mounting flange). Ship Weight: 1-lb.

POWER RATINGS: Filters are intended for use with 200W PEP transceivers. This is not to imply a 100% duty cycle. For example, if you were to operate RTTY (100% duty) as much heating would occur as if you run SSB speech (50% duty) at the same power for twice that length of time. With compression, average power increases to 60-80% duty. CW average power is roughly comparable to speech.

Insertion: Typical, 0.5-.7db 
Rejection: Typical, 40db band-to-band 
Bandwidth: VSWR

       160M   1.8 -  1.93            
        80M   3.5 -  3.85      
        40M   7.0 -  7.30      
        20M  14.0 - 14.35      
        15M  21.0 - 21.50      
        10M  28.0 - 28.70
6M 50.0 - 52.00

50 Ohm In and Out, Connectors: UHF

VSWR CONSIDERATIONS: VSWR can have a profound effect on the RF voltages and currents appearing in the bandpass filter. The better the SWR, the less likely you will be to experience difficulties. Every effort should be made to maintain minimum VSWR.

MORE INFORMATION: See the Dunestar Bandpass Filters Frequently Asked Questions.

TO ORDER: Model 300 is US$ 84.00.