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Multi Band Remote Switched Bandpass Filter
Multi Band Remote Switched Bandpass Filter
Model 800-BPF: Band Selector Switch (Optional) Model 600 Bandpass Filter Construction Detail Model 600 Bandpass Filter Construction Detail, Now using SMD Capacitors.
Sale price: $505.00

Six band, (160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 Meters) remote switched operation for maximum operating convenience. Easy installation with automatic By-Pass and Failsafe built-in. 12 VDC operation for compatibility with other station accessories. Activation is jumper selectable for either positive (positive applied to line) or negative (closure to ground) keying allowing compatibility with most of the antenna switches and interfaces now on the market or with your personal switching arrangement. Connection is via a single DB9 connector for band selection and power input. 

Switching can be tracked with your transceiver band switching through use of the
Top Ten Band Decoder, with outputs from your contest/logging program or combined with your antenna remote switching or switched manually with our optional 800-BPF manual switch. Switching examples are included in the instructions. Operates in-line between transceiver and antenna or amplifier. 

 The filters are 3-pole, top-C coupled. Hi-Q capacitors and inductors are used for tuned circuits. Filters are constructed on glass-epoxy PC boards. Inputs and outputs are at DC ground potentials. Bandswitching is accomplished through individual DPDT relays for each section. Relays are powered by 12-VDC source. An additional relay acts as a by-pass when power is removed or when no section is selected. This provides a "Failsafe" in that, loss of +V at anytime causes straight thru connection. Aluminum Enclosure. Dimensions: HWD 2.0 X 5.0 X 15.0 Inches. Ship Weight: 4-lb. Requires 12 Vdc.

POWER RATINGS: Filters are intended for use with 200W PEP transceivers. This is not to imply a 100% duty cycle. For example, if you were to operate RTTY (100% duty) as much heating would occur as if you run SSB speech (50% duty) at the same power for twice that length of time. With compression, average power increases to 60-80% duty. CW average power is roughly comparable to speech.

VSWR CONSIDERATIONS: VSWR can have a profound effect on the RF voltages and currents appearing in the bandpass filter. The better the SWR, the less likely you will be to experience difficulties. Every effort should be made to maintain minimum VSWR.

MORE INFORMATION: See the Dunestar Bandpass Filters Frequently Asked Questions and/or the Model 600 Review in QST Magazine, March 1995, page 85.

TO ORDER: Model 600 is US $505.00, Model 800BPF (opt. switch) is US$ 70.00.